Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring!

I recently joined the Everything Wendy Vecchi Yahoo Group. Like many other online groups, they host various challenges.  The one I am playing along with is the Making Art! Challenge #6, or MAC #6. The challenge was to create something green and with leaves. This morphed into a 3/3 ATC swap as well. I am excited to be participating in another ATC swap. (I think I might be addicted!)

I have been battling round 18 of the crud... I might be exaggerating. But seriously, this flu season has hit our house pretty hard. There hasn't been a time yet this winter where someone isn't feverish, coughing or oozing gross snot. I created this ATC, Happy Spring, in hopes that I might possibly be able to will spring to arrive for real (we received 8 inches of snow yesterday!).

Special thanks to Kim Schofield of Eclectic Paperie for shipping my Wendy Vecchi stamp lightening fast so I could participate in this challenge/swap.  ~Awesome!~


  1. Darling creation, Karin! And a delightful reminder that spring has to eventually arrive! Sorry to hear that your household has been down with illness...we're on week three here. Blech! Can't wait for the warmer months to arrive!

  2. Beautiful ATCs, Karin. Hope you're through with that nasty bug.